„Advanced Actor`s Playing Position: Raising your Game“ with Greta Amend & Mike Bernardin

01.10.2013 12:58

„Advanced Actor`s Playing Position: Raising your Game“

with Greta Amend & Mike Bernardin


This exciting combination of Mike’s Meisner-based exercises with Greta’s own work on the Actor’s Playing Position is now on its fourth outing, following much acclaim from previous workshops.


Producing your best work as an actor, and enjoying it, is not an accident, but the result of a clear Artistic Position, in relation to our craft, our industry and ourselves. Too often we allow “the business” to reduce our position to that of a “job-seeker”, waiting for instructions from an outside authority, and losing our own voice in the process.


In these six afternoon sessions we will explore our whole attitude towards Openness and Artistic Courage, Text, Training, Castings, Ambition and how to negotiate Industry Hierarchy versus Artistic Sovereignty. We will look at how to demand more from ourselves without being self-critical, how to come into the work as independent artists without having to fight power games, and how to be transparent in our acting without giving away our private selves...


This time the workshop is exclusively geared for actors experienced in working for the camera, or with extensive stage experience who want to move towards more confident screen acting. Maximum group size for this intensive workshop is eight actors. A chance to review your ambitions and raise your game...


Termine: 14./16./18./21./23./25. Oktober

Zeiten: immer nachmittags von 14:30-17:30 Uhr

Kosten: 265,- € 


Förderung durch GVl, FFA oder Bildungsprämie möglich


Deutsch und Englisch als Arbeitssprachen

Anmeldungen und Informationen unter: workshop@actors-space.de