Greta Amend - Working with Actors - International Masterclass National Danish Film School


A 6-day masterclass on casting, directing and working with actors

Under the artistic direction of lecturer Greta Amend, this masterclass follows the two previous acclaimed workshops she conducted at the The Postgraduate Training dept. of the National Film School of Denmark in 2014 in cooperation with Danish Actors Association. It is conceived for professional actors and directors and focusses on the core principals of a rewarding interplay in the casting process, in rehearsals, on stage and on set.

The master class includes practical hands-on training and is accompanied by camera-work. It offers scenework and -analysis, improvisations, investigations and roundtable discussions, and is an invitation to emphasize the dialogue between artists at eye level. It will expand both actors' and directors' toolbox to gain access to innovative forms of expression, learning and working methods, which will provide fresh impulses to future own work and enhance a personal work ethic.

The directors will experience a valuable insight to the actors' art and their specific professional needs. They will obtain a framework of common language to use in notes to the actors - in order to make their feedback more practical, and to enable the actors to execute more precisely to the directors vision. This will enrich and facilitate the work of organizing rehearsals, creating improvisations and group spirit, and improving the delegation of an ensemble and individuals on set.

The actors will gain a selection of highly sophisticated and practical skills for the casting as well as pre-set and on-set situations, along with stagecraft and cold and warm reading techniques, complemented by fruitable ensemble training. The education will pay attention to the actors task of being the „responsible creator of his performance“. In 1-to-1 interviews, participants will additionally learn how to “put their best foot forward in meetings and interviews”. They will improve their artistic expressiveness and consciousness to develop a more nuanced and energetic way of acting, with humour and grace in a free atmosphere. As a casting director, Greta will provide an insider view of the casting process, and artist advice as well as further business knowledge for actors.
The workshop will consist of 12 actors and 6 directors and is held in English. 

"A script is an invitation to let life in". This is a mantra that Greta preaches and teaches. And this is something that I have brought with me since I had the pleasure of working with her for the first time. Greta's great insights into human nature, her methodologies and her approach to the working relationship between actors and directors brings truth to the art we all love. Working with her, I've felt myself growing tremendously both professionally and personally - if it even makes sense to distinguish the two."
Janus Metz, Director


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This master class is made as a cooperation with Danish Actors Association.

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