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Scenework, Improvisation & Ensembletraining


People don´t notice wether it´s summer or winter when they´re happy   Anton Chekhov


This international Training-class kicks off a series of workshops especially addressed to Actors and Actresses of all Nationalities living in Berlin. Its an invitation to share your artistic point of view and experience with other fellow colleagues.


The Scene work class focuses mainly on teaching high-quality craftsmanship and artistic skills for professional film- and stage actors to enable them to master the challenges an actor nowadays faces - with a degree of ease.


Greta Amend has not only been working as an actress for more than 30 years, she has also been a director, teacher and casting director for the past twelve years.Throughout her career she has compiled a set of exercises designed to prepare the modern actor for the work on stage and on-camera. These exercises have become the cornerstone of her method and are reflected in her practice-oriented work.This series of exercises focuses on refining already existing acting techniques and optimizing the actorsartistic abilities beyond classical techniques and terms.


The practical/hands-on training encompasses research, ensemble training, improvisation, scene work and -analysis as well as acquiring cold- and prepared reading techniques for both on set and in the theater. The training devotes its attention to the fact that an actor or actress has to accept the task of taking the ultimate responsibility for creating the performance by him or herself. Our workspace with its stage offers participants the opportunity to work at their artistic ability in expressing themselves. Greta, inspired by her studies at the Gitis Academy in Moskow and various eastern and western teachers, has continuously been using the plays of Anton Chekhov for her classwork. She invites you to celebrate the actors profession within the timelessness of his texts.


Class language will be in English and German as appropriate, on stage your mother tongue is welcome.

Small group of professional/experienced actors - participants max. 6-8
Dates: Three mondays in a row on the 2nd, 9th,and 16th of march
Time: to
Please visit our website to apply:
Level: Professional actors


After registration you will receive the class materials and the address of the working space will then be announced.