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120 years "The seagull" by Anton Checkhov - 120 years of filmmaking


The Year of the Seagullis a developmental laboratory program for encouraging high degree research and artistic exchange between professional stage and screen actors and directors from Denmark as well as guest participants from abroad. It is touring through different countries in 2015, starting in April in Berlin. By working on Checkhovs play we would like to celebrate the 120th anniversary of  "The seagull" as well as the 120 years of a relatively young art form: Filmmaking.


Under the artistic direction of lecturer Greta Amend, this laboratory follows the two previous acclaimed workshops she conducted at the National Filmschool of Denmark in 2014, after which a superb group of danish actresses, actors and film directors strongly expressed their will to continue this work to gain access to innovative forms of expression, learning and working methods, which could provide fresh impulses to their own work.


We now want to devote ourselves to the analysis of modern forms and possibilities to encourage new film and theatre creations. In exchange between the creative poles of director, actor and author we strive to dissolve the separation between the two fields of film and theatre. Where are the similarities, where the differences in the work flow, where are the limits and the liberties? Especially the process of "editing", mostly used for film, will be researched and adapted for the stage.

We invite actors and directors to capture real authentic moments within their adaption of the scenes, according to their own genre and style, preferences and prowess, by looking for the right register of emotion, gesture and dialogue in a free atmosphere.

Through the energy, the melancholy and the humor of the characters Chekhovs play is perfectly suitable for camera work. The intimate interplay between the characters, their pursuit for the beautiful things in life develops into a poetic atmosphere. The different rhythm of each actors imagination we are striving to explore, while filling the gesture with meaning. We will carve out the differences of the picture and sound aestethics of stage and screen. Is it true that the language of film only tolerates text in little increments? While big gestures are required for the stage? What is meant by big gestures? What means theatric acting or so called over acting? We will work on the refinement of the actors and the directors ability to move through different domains and learn to assess themselves.


The Year of the Seagull- Project is aimed to be developed into a series of collaboration, readings, rehearsals, investigations, roundtable discussions and showcases to provide working professionals with an intensive study of their craft, while fostering further collaborative relationships among a peer community of artists. This course provides them with the possibility of building up an advantageous infrastructure with organizational and artistic competence, and the potential to work on a common mindset and artistic vocabulary for future mutual projects.

Greta has been working with Chekhov´s texts in her classes for years and her aim is to enfold new impressions of Anton Chekhov´s 120-year-old play The Seagull“ by delivering it from the page to the stage combined with short extracts of (pre-produced) film. She will play with Chekhov´s essential themes, his lyricism and his subtlety to measure our artistic position with one of the greatest creator of characters in the history of dramatic writing.

The group will also focus on the core principals of a successful interaction on set, on stage and in rehearsals with the aim to explore new aesthetic possibilities, as Chekhov said in his own writing: „We have to find new forms“ (Kostya).The practical/hands-on scenework encompasses research, ensemble training, improvisation and scene-analysis and will be partially accompanied by the camera work of the directors. The training devotes its attention to the fact that an artist has to accept the task of taking the ultimate responsibility for creating the performance by him or herself.

Class language will be in English, on stage mother tongue is very welcome.


General Info for Copenhagen, Denmark:

Dates: August 2015 – daily from 10am to 5pm:

Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th, Friday 14th, Saturday 15th day off for reflection and preparation of the following 3 days, Sunday 16th, Monday 17th,Tuesday 18th (internal) Show/Get-Together

Seats: limited, first-come-first-serve principle

Price: 4.000 kr. / 536 Euro (to be paid in Euro)


Location and Cooperation Partner in Copenhagen:

Amfiteatret, Bellahøj Friluftsscene | Bellahøjvej 20 | 2700 Brønshøj

Course deadline: 15/07/2015 00:00 (Afterwards Waiting List open, contact us)




General Info for Nyons, France:


Dates: 12 au 19 Septembre 2015 – 5 heures par jour:


Seats: limited, first-come-first-serve principle

Prix: 450 EUR par personne sans hébergement


Deadline inscription: 20 August


Location and Cooperation Partner in Nyons:



La Vivandière, Chemin des Vivandes, 26110 Nyons