Online-Masterclass for Actors


6 weeks, every Tuesday from 5.30 to 8p.m. CET Berlin

NEW Dates:

Dates: 06.02., 13.02., 20.02., 27.02., 05.03., 12.03.2024


*** This Masterclass is designed for intensive work in a small group, and will be conducted in english as appropriated**


About this Masterclass

No great work of art history was created without the corresponding craft or skill, and this also applies to acting. In order to entice people to watch and listen it is important to know your tools of the trade. Greta will research a kaleidoscope of different approaches with the participants and create an overall picture of the opportunities on the market.
With Greta’s well-known knowledge and interest in the well-being of actors and their artistic progress, you are sure to be supported, inspired and energized to propel your career forward!
All 6 sessions include Q&As, talks, interactive exercises, networking and marketing strategies, professional insider advice and tips, business knowledge, and do’s and dont´s. Mandatory homework will be given in and after each unit, which is intended as a basis for playful artistic consultation and individual guidance by Greta for the duration of the masterclass.
06.02.+ 13.02.2024 from 5.30 to 8 p.m. CET Berlin:
Acting as a business“: Greta will briefly introduce her work, and the three different thematic blocks of this masterclass: “Acting as a business”, “Acting as art” and “Acting as a craft” in the first session on the 08thof September. She then will explore the issues of the artists professional development, perspectives, goals and motivation of the participants. The artists will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with their peers and professionally prepare for the challenges of entering the European film industry.
20.02.+ 27.02.2024 from 5.30 to 8p.m. CET Berlin
“Acting as art”: Greta Amend would constantly encourage you to ask questions, not only about your character and your performance but about who you really are as an actor. Her exercise “Performing Questions” allows to strengthen your artistic muscle, to encounter other arts in an inspired, informed and stimulated way, to improve your skills and inner artistic weight, and to develop your personality with knowledge in order to establish acting as a mastery.
05.03.+ 12.03.2024 from 5.30 to 8p.m. CET Berlin
“Acting as a craft”: When we watch great actors play their games and how they pull aces from their sleeves, we ask ourselves: How do they do that? What’s their game? Great storytellers all know how to inspire and delight the audience! This part is a hands-on exploration of pitching techniques and playful storytelling in the realm of the arts.
About your lecturer:
Greta is a highly acclaimed lecturer, actress, director, producer and former casting director. She offers her phenomenal expertise and is happy to answer your questions about the complex and competitive European film and television industry. In this masterclass she will guide the participants on their way to becoming European working artists.
Greta will be accompanied partially by Christian Alexander Rogler, her creative partner at the "Superbohemians".  There will be no recording of the Zoom sessions to ensure a protected and relaxed space for everyone. We also ask you not to record the sessions, because there is a copyright on the content of the Masterclass.
The masterclass "How to enter the European film industry" is open for professional actors, acting students from higher semesters and experienced talents are welcome! (In order to ensure a high quality of the training, we reserve the right to curate the participants.)
Participation: The number of participants is limited, and will be given in order of payment.
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